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27th March 2023: This page is no longer updated.
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The packages below reflect the current pricing for the Warmane's Lordaeron WotLK x1 3.3.5a (Player Versus Player) realm of the Warmane WoW servers. Gold is available for both the Alliance & Horde.

1500 Gold
$5.10 USD (about €4.54 EUR)

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2000 Gold
$6.80 USD (about €6.05 EUR)

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3000 Gold
$10.2 USD (about €9.08 EUR)

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5000 Gold
$17.0 USD (about €15.1 EUR)

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7500 Gold
$25.5 USD (about €22.7 EUR)

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10000 Gold
$34.0 USD (about €30.2 EUR)

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15000 Gold
$51.0 USD (about €45.4 EUR)

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20000 Gold
$68.0 USD (about €60.5 EUR)

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30000 Gold
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40000 Gold
$132 USD (about €117 EUR)

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Lordaeron WotLK Realm Info

Warmane's Lordaeron WotLK 2.4.3 Progressive x1 Realm - Warmane WoW Private Server Lordaeron WotLK is the second Burning Crusade realm to be launched by Warmane. Warmane had massive success with their initial WotLK servers: Ragnaros and Deathwing, which were merged into Icecrown, and further contemporary success with their TBC counterparts - Outland & Medivh. Lordaeron WotLK was born of the desire to experience Wrath of the Lich King, the second WoW expansion released in 2008, in it's original Blizzlike fashion with x1 rates.

Players will start from level 1 through 80, but the leveling rates will be set to x1 because this was requested by a large chunk of the Warmane WotLK community, based on the progress of Icecrown. All other rates will remain x1 as well - gold, item drops etc. Even though the server is labelled as 3.3.5a, the content and raids will be released progressively. The dungeon finder will be disabled for a later date.

Older Lordaeron WotLK News

Update 15th June 2017:
Lordaeron Gold was launched. Even though you can purchase Lordaeron gold from this very page, is an unique website dedicated only for the new x1 WotLK realm.

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