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08th February 2023: This page is no longer updated.
Please visit our Gold4Outland website or Warmane Outland on V7 for best pricing

The packages below reflect the current pricing for the Warmane's Outland TBC 2.4.3 x5 (Player Versus Player) realm of the Warmane WoW servers. Gold is available for both the Alliance & Horde.

Update 9th July 2017:
We are aligning the Outland pricing across our entire network. 1K gold for Outland now costs €4.99! Enjoy :-)

500 Gold
€4.99 EUR (about $5.85 USD)

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750 Gold
€7.42 EUR (about $8.70 USD)

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1000 Gold
€9.90 EUR (about $11.6 USD)

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1500 Gold
€14.8 EUR (about $17.3 USD)

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2000 Gold
€19.8 EUR (about $23.2 USD)

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2500 Gold
€24.7 EUR (about $28.9 USD)

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3000 Gold
€29.7 EUR (about $34.8 USD)

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4000 Gold
€39.6 EUR (about $46.4 USD)

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5000 Gold
€49.5 EUR (about $58.0 USD)

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10000 Gold
€99.0 EUR (about $116 USD)

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Outland TBC Realm Info

Warmane's Outland TBC 2.4.3 Progressive x5 Realm - Warmane WoW Private Server Outland TBC is the first Burning Crusade realm to be launched by Warmane. Warmane had massive success with their Lordaeron and Icecrown Wrath of the Lich King realms, but their developers have been working on this amazing TBC realm for years behind the scenes. The first news were released as April's Fools prank, but the realm release was confirmed on the next day. The Warmane playerbase & the overall TBC WoW community was amazed by this news, mainly because there isn't any prime TBC Private server existing at this moment.

Players will start from level 1 through 70, but the leveling rates will be set to x5 because this is the main preference of Warmane's players, based on the progress of Icecrown. All other rates will remain x1 - gold, item drops etc. Even though the server is labelled as 2.4.3, the content and raids will be released progressively.

Older Outland TBC News

Update 15th June 2017:
Further price refinement available for Outland. 100 gold coins now cost just $9.95!

Update 30th May 2017:
The price for Outland gold is finally getting down. 1000g package is finally available and it contains a huge discount!

Update 25th April 2017:
Gold4Outland was launched. Even though you can purchase Outland gold from this very page, Gold4Outland is an unique website dedicated only for the new TBC realm.

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