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Available Packages for IceCrown WotLK

5000 Gold
$5.55 USD (about €5.19 EUR)

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7500 Gold
$8.25 USD (about €7.72 EUR)

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10000 Gold
$11.00 USD (about €10.3 EUR)

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15000 Gold
$16.50 USD (about €15.4 EUR)

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20000 Gold
$22.00 USD (about €20.6 EUR)

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25000 Gold
$27.50 USD (about €25.7 EUR)

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30000 Gold
$33.00 USD (about €30.9 EUR)

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40000 Gold
$44.00 USD (about €41.2 EUR)

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50000 Gold
$55.00 USD (about €51.5 EUR)

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75000 Gold
$71.25 USD (about €66.7 EUR)

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Available Packages for Outland TBC

Outland TBC is the first Burning Crusade "TBC" realm to be released by Warmane.
Gold is available for the Alliance & Horde as promised! :-)

50 Gold
$22.98 USD (about €20.4 EUR)

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100 Gold
$45.95 USD (about €40.0 EUR)

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200 Gold
$89.90 USD (about €80.1 EUR)

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Warmane confirmed it's release of their TBC x5 realm called Outland. We have updated our website to support gold packages for the new realm because we are receiving a lot of traffic looking for gold on Warmane. You can learn more about Outland TBC here, or visit our network's website dedicated to the realm: Gold4Outland.

Icecrown is Warmane's newest WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King) realm, made possible by merging their Deathwing and Ragnaros realms on 20th May 2016. It gained attention pretty fast, and thousands of new players jumped on the merged realm.

We are not new to gold selling on Warmane. We served Ragnaros for years, and we continue to provide our services on Lordaeron since it's inception. Gold4IceCrown was launched just a day after the realm was born.

Important Note: We are your safest bet for buying Icecrown gold. Be very cautious when buying from general / trade / chat / whisper spammers because their accounts will most likely be tracked by Warmane's admins, which in turn might compromise the safety of your account. Skype and forum sellers are known to be fishy as well - they usually require you to pay them as friends. Such payments can't be refunded (a well known trick). With us, the opposite is true, and we can refund you if something is not right.

We are always interested to partner with Icecrown gold sellers. Check the gold farmers page.

General Question Answers - for buying gold on Icecrown

1. Do i need to wait for delivery?

- Usually, it takes from a few minutes up to several hours depending on the availability of our team. We are online most of the time, though.

2. Is the gold pricing balanced?

- It is. The merging of Ragnaros & Deathwing into Icecrown brought around 3000 new players on the realm, the need for gold is dire now.

3. Is it really safe to buy gold on Icecrown?

- You are and you can feel 100% safe with us. We don't spam the channels, we have normal 'Buy Now' buttons and Refund Policy in check.

4. And our Refund Policy is...

- You will have the gold you purchased from us within maximum of one day (24 hours) or you can get your money back by simply e-mailing us!

Gold4IceCrown Testimonials

buying almost every day

Patrick Schweiger scheweiger003880****@gmail.com (8th May 2017)

Gold4Icecrown are always stocked up indeed. Ended up buying gold almost every day, purchases are always delivered without any issue!

45k in 5 minutes, 5k in a hour

Austin Jennings oustee****@web.de (5th April 2017)

Sent a payment for 50000 golds! Got 45000 in 5 minutes and the rest followed in about a hour! Legit seller!

100k every week

Oliver Miranda olimr****@gmail.com (2nd February 2017)

Gold4Icecrown is my to-go site when i need Icecrown gold. Buying more than 100k every week.

Lazy to make my own gold

Aaron Perrud purruca****@outlook.com (7th January 2017)

I guess the AH is a money maker but i am too lazy to do it on my own, so i always use you guys :)

3x 80K before Christmas

Jesper Boosalis boosa28********@gmail.com (20th December 2016)

Purchased 3x 80.000 gold packages for the upcoming holydays. Received them with some bonus as well :P

Over 500k purchased + bonuses

Michael Clay michaeloc****@gmail.com (23th November 2016)

My total purchases amount for almost half a million gold, received lots of bonuses as well :))

Alliance and Horde Covered

Sebastian Salvestro s5b1sti1****@gmail.com (15th November 2016)

By mistake i chose Alliance instead of Horde, the Gold4Icecrown team had no problem with deliverying the gold i bought on the Horde side

Ordered some gold 15 minutes ago

Fernando Gomez gomez5****@yahoo.com (1st November 2016)

Hello, i ordered some gold 15 minutes ago and received it in my mailbox. Just to say thanks!

all my Warmane gold needs

Niklas Kämmerer kammererik*****@gmx.de (22th September 2016)

Using Gold4Icecrown time and time again for all of my Warmane gold needs.

Received in handful of minutes

Lodean Bech bechka*****@hotmail.com (16th August 2016)

Very professional - received the gold in a handful of minutes of my purchase.

Just started - it's exciting!

Nicolas Huizer huizit*****@gmail.com (29th July 2016)

Was waiting for a discount like this TBH!

Just started - it's exciting!

Albert Schuller shulz****web.de (5th July 2016)

15K to get me going - just started, it's exciting!

I'm Impressed!

Fredrik Halonen progamezw****hotmail.se (22th May 2016)

Got 2x 80K packages. Now i am the richest player on the realm, hahaha xD

50k for Xmass!

Thomas Sheraden tommys****@gmail.com (21th May 2016)

Just started on this server, it's brilliant. Thank you for easing my game!

Geared Up!

Yusuf Ağaoğlu yusufi****@gmx.de (21th May 2016)

I was using their services on Ragnaros, and now continuing on Icecrown. These guys are always stocked up! Thanks.

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